Not Dead Yet - The Band

Mike at Wilcoms


Lead vocals and Guitar – has been grinding out metal god music for many years and still hasn’t learned the words to half the songs. Famous quotes “Dude, its Rock and Roll” as told to the guy asking “are all these amps yours?” during load in.


MF 3

Michael Francis

Bass and Vocals - (Tension, Deuce and Forcer) - The Jedi Master of THUMP and all things sonically zoned low frequency. Michael is a seasoned Heavy Metal Veteran and has an astounding list of accomplishments that is well known and respected in the Baltimore area.


Munch 2


Lead Guitar and Vocals - Baltimore area Metal Maven completes the double guitar metal assault. Master of Crunch, the Minister of Munch and Deliverer of the Ultimate Sonic Punch !!!



Tom Azzinaro

Drums - (Black Widow) -  Super accomplished Heavy Metal Drummer Tom brings a Bombastic double kick drum barrage to the stage - in "whoop-ass" fashion I might add !!!!

Contact us at:  info@notdeadyetrocks.com